Tea Tree Oil Spray

Tea Tree Oil Spray
Discover the power of 100% Pure, 100% Natural Tea Tree Oil, a natural antiseptic
The spray captures the antibacterial power of Tea Tree Oil in a convenient format and is ideal for use:
  • As an antiseptic for the symptomatic relief of grazes, minor skin irritation, bites and stings
  • To help neutralise odour on clothes and shoes
  • As an antibacterial to freshen and clean bathrooms, benchtops, toilets, drains, floors and hard surfaces
  • Distilled from specially selected Melaleuca alternifolia trees, grown in northern NSW and south-eastern Queensland. 
  • Therapeutic and multiple household uses for the whole family
  • No harsh irritating chemicals
  • CFC free spray 
Directions for Use
  • Therapeutic Use: To cleanse and protect grazes & insect bites, hold can 15cm away from the skin and spray
  • Personal Use: Disinfect and deodorise gym gear by spraying Tea Tree Oil inside shoes and gym bags
  • Household Use: To clean & freshen bathrooms, benchtops, toilets, drains, doors, rubbish bins and hard surfaces, spray & wipe.
Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner. Skin patch test prior to use. Discontinue use if sensitivity occurs. Do not spray directly on or into the face. Contains Ethanol. Propellant: Hydrocarbon.
Do not use:
  • While pregnant or breast-feeding without medical supervision
  • Near eyes. Seek medical attention if contact occurs
  • On children under 2 years old
Pack Sizes
Product name
Tea Tree Oil Spray - 140g

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